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Tale of Two Kittens


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Tale of Two Kittens Empty Tale of Two Kittens

Post by Peregrinus on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:31 pm

Iskkari carefully dragged the small body into the shadowy corner of the alleyway. There were many alleyways like this one in the intertwined streets of the dock ward. It’s night vision saw the sails of many ships off it’s docks. The summer brought merchant and trade ships from all over the realms. All had trade agreements with the massive city. It was as if it existed as a crossroads for all nations. I suppose you could call it a place of amnesty. The City of Waterdeep was split into six distinct sectors, each with it’s own regent.
It licked the blood off it’s mouth slowly savoring the sweet blood of the small child. The sounds of hundreds of customers at the dock marketplace drowned out the shrill cry and whimpering of the child now laying dead in the shadowy corner. Iskkari decided to stay in it’s lithe form for at least a while longer. Who would notice a small black kitten in a city of millions?

A tall man with a perfectly trimmed mustache, and equally eloquent goatee stood basking in the remaining sunlight at the tower balcony. He quietly sipped a rather ancient calimshite wine in a crystalline flask. A silver ring with a green jewel reflected off the sunlight on his left hand, a similar silver ring but with a black gem adorned his right hand. The black silken robes he wore flowed almost unnaturally on it’s own; his grey cloak barely covering a bandolier of nine magical wands on his belt. Khelben Blackstaff Arunsun never left anything to chance, and he felt the presence of the otherworldly being enter into the city almost immediately as it arrived. He pulled a ivory figurine of a slim cat off one of his many bookshelves filled with spellbooks, lore, and other magical things. He whispered “Kathazul”, and the ivory figurine took a smoky form and then a grey lynx half the height of a man stood in front of Khelben. “Bring the doppelganger to me alive, I need to inquire it about a few things.” Kathazul gave Khelben a soft growl, and leapt out of the tower. It would hunt again, and it was happy.

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