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Looking into the looking glass


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Looking into the looking glass Empty Looking into the looking glass

Post by Peregrinus on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:32 pm

Have you ever seen a rabbit smile? It’s one eye was bright green, the other a dull moss color. It blinked a bit in the hole to adjust to the darkness. Bella rather enjoyed this fuzzy form. She bent her ears towards the sound above her, while tucking the round gold object back into her pouch woven into her current form. Regweld and Bidderdoo, her brothers had stayed in Mithril Hall to defend it’s halls with it’s dwarven inhabitants. That was over a decade ago and all communications had halted soon after. She knew what that meant. The halls were sealed by the Dwarven Clergy to stop all access to the surface. Couriers were sent throughout the realms to the ones deemed allies to the lands north of Cormyr. She listened while thinking of events past. Bella heard the whistling of two arrows impact a body, and then slight thump as the body fell to the ground. A groan and a slight shuffling of feet as she heard steel being drawn and then silence. She leaned her long ear towards the earth above her and heard a thick elven accent speaking the common tongue. “a another one.. where are you from, hunter?” “urgghh, I’ll tell you nothing, bastard elf!” Bella heard a gurgling and then complete silence. Sound of parchment being unrolled , then silence again and then she felt a magical presence.. The elf muttered to himself. “signed by the Pasha.. but why?” Bella heard a popping sound and the presence and the scent of the elf was gone. She was distracted easily in this form. She was going to be late again to the meeting. She hopped quickly downwards towards the meeting place.

Harkle tapped his long furry white foot impatiently. He adjusted the spectacles on his face and looked at a contraption mounted to the small hall. The fireplace danced it’s light upon it’s metallic surface as the gears on it shifted and one of the two think metal rods moved forward making a clicking sound. There were three others in the diminutive room with Harkle. A deep black rabbit with a scar over it’s left eye, a very long haired grey rabbit adjusting it’s right leg as if cramped, and a white/brown rabbit with a small crown upon it’s head, looking regal as a rabbit could. Bella hopped into the chamber , bowing her little head to the others. “sorry, I’m late again.” A meek smile appeared on her face. The black rabbit sighed and commented “ Harkle, why must we meet as rabbits?” Harkle replied” Well, oh great lord magician.. if I made the door any bigger , someone would notice and we wouldn't want that.” A look of disdain appeared just for a moment on Harkle’s face. The white/brown rabbit chuckled and then spoke. “Let us get our discussions finished; I do have my nieces to entertain and I do wish to appear to them as a furry creature of the forest.. I would have much to explain.” The rabbits all chuckled and smiled and the meeting of the lords commenced..

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