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Remnants of the past


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Remnants of the past Empty Remnants of the past

Post by Peregrinus on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:33 pm

The godblade slinked deeply into the goddess. Her scream echoed through the nations of Toril. The land trembled and shuddered as the weave started to unravel into nothingness. The weave was the backbone of the world. The magical threads of fate and destiny that tie all within its fold. The attack on the goddess was not by chance; it was planned, but the consequences were unforeseen . As the weave started to self destruct, the spiritual essence of Mystra fled to it’s mortal vessels. Lady Alustriel was the first to feel her goddess fall out of existence. She felt faint and almost lost her footing when the essence flowed into her. She knew someone had permanently severed the weave. Waves of energy and feeling of sorrow overwhelmed her. She cried out for her sisters..

Far from the high gates of Silverymoon in the Silver Marches, Elminster the Sage of Shadowdale, Dove Falconhand, and Storm Silverhand all felt their goddess falter and fade away. All of them felt her essence flow through them. The unthinkable had occurred. Mystra’s last resort had been utilized. Sylune’ , already a specter.. disappeared into the void. Laeral Silverhand Arunsun fell into a deep slumber as the weave untangled permanently. Green glowing points of lights reflecting off the massive obsidian flying fortress stared back at Lady Alustriel and then...

Alustriel woke from the nightmare. Her sleeping gown soaked in sweat. She walked out onto the balcony high above the Eveningstar farmstead in her newly formed ivory tower.
The cool air flowed through her hair and skin. The night air calmed her. The horned owl landed near her without a sound and whispered into her ear. Her ward had found her way back to her with possible allies and friends. Alustriel smiled.

Worlds away, Elminster, Dove and Storm Silverhand traveled through a sanctuary within the crossroads. Here, they might find the answers they were after. Much had changed since the Time of Troubles and it would take some time to find the knowledge they were looking for. They would meet with one of the plane-touched folk. They knew much of what occurred in the various corners of the multiverses.. If not, then the Gith.. but only as a last resort...

Sweat beaded off the forehead of Atrius. He wiped it off gently with his purple silk
handkerchief. A haze cast over his mind, he couldn't think properly. “what year is it?”
The red robed woman sat across from him in what looked to be a small library. There were books covered in spider web and layers of ancient dust.. She spoke with a soft tantalizing voice. “ It is the year 1388, Flamerule, teacher.” a smirk slowly appeared on her comely face. Her hand gently rubbing a few stray hairs on her smooth tattooed head. “You have been busy , Master Atrius.” The crystal throbbed quietly around his neck.. “Yes, I recall now. We still have much to do. Set course for Velen in Amn. There is one we need to awaken there. We have the necessary ingredients now. Atrius held up the light filled vial to the chandelier. “essence of irda.” His eyes glowed an eerie pale green.
(Author’s footnote on the Moonshae Isles and it’s local populace as of the year 1388)
The majority of the elves who had made the Moonshae Isles their home put their faith in Sehanine Moonbow, and Corellon Larethian. High queen Alicia Kendrick embraced the elves with open arms even though majority of her subjects were human. She ruled from the capital city of Caer Callidyrr on the Isle Alaron. The Isle south of Alaron, Snowdown is shared in part with Amn as per peace treaty signed by the Isles, Amn and Cormyr. This was due in part to the loss of the magical illusions which once guarded the Moonshaes completely. The Lady Erliza Daressin heads the rule of Snowdown in compliance with Queen Alicia’s wishes.
Not much is known of the Lady besides her upbringing in Amn and her obvious influences in her homeland. Only Alicia has ever met her personally as Lady Erliza is a very private individual. Much of the Isle of Moray and parts of Gwynneth are wild and there have been known sightings of formorians and other various creatures roaming it’s rugged lands. The elves reside in most isles exception being Moray. Many odd rumours persist of this isle.. Many claim the fog in it’s forests lead into otherworldly places and it’s small settlements of fishermen, and hunters keep little company. They seem to keep company with druids and it is unknown what beliefs they seem to have.

The rainbow gently touched the meadow where Gabriella and Runae practiced their swordplay. “look at that, Priestess , it’s wondrous, isn't it?” Runae watched her guardian smile ever so slightly. Her eyes gleaming almost silver in the sunlight. It was always good to see that she was not always brooding. It had been months before she had spoken to Runae at all. Gabriella had always trained her, but kept her distance emotionally. Gabriella seemed to be finally satisfied at the progress she had made with her family heirloom. To Runae, Gabriella was a mystery. She was tall but elven like in her movements. Her boots did not seem to make any sound at all. She blended easily into the forests as if the trees spread apart for her as she
walked through them.. almost like an invisible hand pushed the brush and branches aside. Her eyes were gray bluish hue, and her hair almost white but with a hint of gold. Runae didn't want to pry and it didn't seem to matter especially if her parents trusted her. But then there was that conversation she had overheard.. The oath.. The iron wrought unicorn necklace.. the wolf.. what did it all mean?
Runae stirred awake from the daydream. All that was left of Gabriella to Runae was the necklace.. Could someone tell her more of what it all meant? She looked towards the gleaming ivory tower towards Eveningstar and thought she saw a rainbow..

The desert winds howled and made it virtually impossible to see. Sirfu shouted at the half elf. “Do not breathe in the dust, elf! It will be the end of you. Follow close.” The sandstorm had come suddenly and engulfed the two who travelled on the very edges of the vast desert. The half elf nodded and motioned forward. Acastus kept his hand on his makeshift shiv. He would have died if it wasn't for this desert dwelling orc but it was hard to trust an orc, especially an orc that spoke the tongue of Thay but then again he had fresh water. After a few moments, the winds slowed enough for them to converse. “elf, once we get to that ridge ..” Sirfu pointed towards sand dunes ahead of them. “ we’ll make for the forests in Narfell!” “make sure you ditch those rags you call clothes. Not many are friends with those from Thay.” The two prodded themselves to the dunes.. memory fading.. Last thing I hear.. “ RUN elf! I’ll hold them back. It was a trap.”
Acastus opened his eyes to the morning dew seeping slightly into his grave. He saw the others stirring awake.. It was time to move again. Some more disjointed memories had returned.. Maybe the ivory tower would provide some answers...

The blue flames licked at the sage’s beard. “You have to be more careful, lass. Ye emotions has much to do with what’s in you.” The fiery red haired woman next to the sage spoke softly. “I’m thinking her childhood friend Jayne does much to contribute to her calmness.”
The woman grinned at Talon. “Uncle, I am trying the best I can urggg..” Talon was a waif of a girl.. Not quite yet 15 but she had the gift, be it for naught or for good. Talon stuck her tongue out at Dove. “He’s my O friend and he does whatever I tells him to do . hmmm.. “ She smiled. Elminster and Dove both smiled back. So much like her mother and yet even more fiery in emotion. El hugged the girl he saw as his own niece. “now, now lass , we simply tease ye, because we wish you to do well.” The lessons continued well into the evening, and she eventually controlled a small flame by the sunset but it drained her.. The three walked back
into the heart of Shadowdale for a well deserved feast and to meet Jayne who was very likely already at the inn drinking some sweet mead. As they arrived at the gates, the aroma of spiced venison with a slight odor of vinegar, and garlic..

The training continued with both El and Dove. Talon learned how to shoot a bow, and learned the subtlety of languages.. The history of Toril under Elminster’s tutelage. And then one day.. Dove Falconhand and Elminster the Sage went to look for something..
The lessons ended, the world seemed to stop.. “Talon, wake up.. It’s time for breakfast.. We head towards Eveningstar today.”

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