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Post by Peregrinus on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:35 pm

The dark skinned man stepped lightly and surefooted in the dense forests of the Hullack. The road had taken west through the barren rocks of the Thunder Horns. His eyes focused downwards towards the tracks he had followed through the Anaurach and beyond to Cormyr. His orders were simple. Locate, identify, and track the Agents with the silvery dove and harp symbols. And then report back using the magical orb given to him by the tattooed one.

Nargoth was a talented killer and tracker. He was trained by the elite of the Calimshites, and contract killers of Amn. He had gotten weary of the whimsical musings of the petty nobles of his surroundings. Nargoth found himself in Thay after many years and landed this ludicrous set of contracts. He gently rubbed the ears of his victims weaved in to his bolt quiver. His prey was skilled but fell easily to his dagger and crossbow. In comparison to unarmed merchants and nobles, this particular prey satisfied his blood-lust. It had taken him much patience and skill to track the six so far into the summer months of flamerule. These Cormyrian fools had no idea they had a traitor in their midst. He smiled to himself. It had been almost too easy to get through the borders with the supplied false documents.

Nargoth focused and narrowed his eyes at the trail. His well worn dark green leathers hid him well in the forest. It was easier to see in the Hullack with it's vast sea of trees obscuring the sunlight. This elf he was tracking was going to be too easy. The trail was easy enough to follow like the others. This particular one had taken him longer then the others. His elven prey had traveled from Tilverton and moved south off the road into hills and now finally into the forests. The only thing of note on this one was the ivory elm bow the elf carried. The elf moved with grace and precision yet his boots betrayed him , leaving prints that Nargoth had easily retraced. He had almost lost the trail thanks to a traveling circus obscuring the elf's footprints after they had both departed Tilverton. “Stupid clowns”. Cormyrians and their idiotic summer festivals...

His brow furrowed at the trail. The elf's trail had become those of an elk.. His hand moved to his crossbow but it was already too late. He felt blood in his mouth as four arrows plunged into his chest pinning him to the tree behind him. His vision blurred but he saw a lithe figure approach him. An elf with long dark hair pinned into a pony tail, and that ivory elm bow in his hand . Nargoth saw the elf's silvery blue eyes and then the scarf around the elf's neck. Wasn't those the colors the Carnival was flying as it's flag? His vision dimmed and the last thing he heard was .. “ Stupid clowns, eh? “

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