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Desolation of the earthroot


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Desolation of the earthroot Empty Desolation of the earthroot

Post by Peregrinus on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:36 pm

In the dark recesses of Deepimaskar, Andarius stepped quietly along the fringes of what the dark elves refer to as the Sea of Buried Ice. Vast sharp ridges of death ringed the path of this underwater grotto. The subtle green glow of the fungal growths was the only light source for miles but then the denizens of the Underdark didn’t require light to navigate it’s various depths. (author’s footnote: Deepimaskar is the northeastern territories in the labyrinth that is the Underdark.).
Not many drow ventured so far into it’s wild wilderness, as it’s inhabitants would kill anything it sensed as prey or sustenance. Life below the surface embodied survival of the fittest and this is something Andarius understood well, and respected. He brushed back his pale grey hair from his face, and looked onwards towards the peak above the Sea. A way to the world above lay ahead. Even from this distance, He could see a funnel of dim illumination that peeked out from an opening above. He tightened his grip on his backpack carrying his child. She mumbled unintelligible words and rubbed his ear. He smiled back at her , She was a miracle. A sign of change.
Andarius had managed to find a different path for his child. He imagined the face of her mother. A moon elf priestess. He vividly remember the raid on the elven village. Something changed in him that day as he saw her kneeling, praying to her goddess. He was not a devout follower of Lolth, and her ways was not one of honor. He remembered as he slew his comrades who wished to harm her. The surprise on her face followed by acceptance to whatever may come. Andarius knew from that moment that he would love her forever. (Readers: There will be more details of events prior to the child being born and of the mother as time allows.)
He stepped carefully past the dead bodies of the Myconids ( strange race of mushroom men.) and climbed the tattered wooden ladder leading to the surface.
A cool breeze flowed from the opening of the cave. The stars shone so brightly in the nightsky, and the three moons highlighting the dense forest into a spectacle of shadow.
The child sighed softly, her twinkling eyes reflecting off the moonlight. She was delighted by the gentle wind blowing through the trees. Andarius knew that he had made the right decision. Even if it meant he would never see his beautiful child again, She would have a chance to live a happy life.
The elf startled Andarius as he blended out of the trees without a whisper. His pale white long bow reflecting slightly off his back.
“I can see the concern on your face , Andarius. I will not betray your trust or Lady Shiiara. I will give you my vow as a harper and an agent of Mielikki that I will find the lil one a home where she will be happy.”
“You have been a true friend to me for a year now, Phaarkas of Silverymoon. You looked beyond the hatred and my heritage. You've given me a chance to redeem and give my daughter a chance. Just promise me that you will give her this when she is of age. Phaarkas took the pendant from Andarius and carefully placed it into a secret pouch of his cloak. He carefully placed the child on his back and started to walk.. He glanced for a moment back at Andarius. “Just remember that the magic works only once, and once it’s activated ; the surface will be closed off forever and you will be trapped with those who are still loyal to Lolth..”
“I know, friend.. Let them find me. They will all pay for what they did to Shiiara. They will know the wrath of the true swordmaster of Fraaszumdin”

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