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Skyrim stable mod list


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Skyrim stable mod list Empty Skyrim stable mod list

Post by Peregrinus on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:21 pm

I thought I would compile a diverse but stable build that might please your senses but also gives you a lot of new areas and quests at the same time.  All of these mods are available at the Skyrim Nexus

1. Interesting NPC's
2. Alternate Start Live another life
3. Run for your lives
4. unofficial skyrim patch
5. unofficial dragonborn patch
6. unofficial dawnguard patch
7. Falskaar
8. immersive hud iHud
9. Wyrmstooth
10. Enhanced Lights and FX
11. Skyrim floral overhaul
12. Guard dialogue overhaul
13. Imaginator control display device
14. Seasons of Skyrim ENB
15. unofficial high resolution patch
16. Unique Uniques
17. Moonlight tales
18. static mesh improvement mod
19. Skyrim immersive creatures
20. Climates of Tamriel
21. SkyUI
22. A matter of time
23. The ruins of Winterhold
24. Skyrim project optimization
25. Smarter combat music
26. Apothesis Dragon Priest masks
27. Achieve that
28. SSME
29. Quality snow HD 4k
30. Convenient Horses
31. Realistic Water Two
32. JK crafting breakdown
33. Amazing Follower Tweaks
34. Rogue Script remover
35. Bandoliers bags and pouches
36. Imaginator MCmenu
37. Winter is coming cloaks
38. Trade and Barter
39. Bean's revision females
40. The Dance of Death
41. Ethereal elven overhaul
42. Ritual armor of Boethiah
43. Franka the Battle goat
44. Bean's badass men
45. Argonian Raptor feet
46. Better freckles
47. Jaysus Swords
48. Masters of Death
49. Coverwomen
50. Quality world map with roads
51. Coverkhajits
52. 3rd person animation bow
53. XCE xenius character enhancement
54. Pets of Skyrim
55. Build your own home
56. Uncle Sheogorath
57. Immersive armors
58. Immersive armors v6 for NPCs
59. smoking torches and candles
60. no heavy muscular walk and idle
61. Moonpath to Elsweyr
62. Silly level of detail potions and poisons
63. aMidianBorn Book of Silence
64. Duel Combat realism

This is the mods I personally use and can vouch for it's stability.

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Skyrim stable mod list Empty Re: Skyrim stable mod list

Post by KilrB on Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:16 am

I have GOT to get "Franka the Battle Goat"!

Been a registered Nexus member for a number of years now but it's been a while since I did anything with them.

Reckon I need to make sure I have all the latest and greatest.

At some point I'm also going to have to put more effort into learning to use BOSS and Bash correctly/better ...

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